Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mutant super powers ?

so after all the x-men & fantastic 4 watching we had a discussion:

what mutant super powers do you have?

i immediately named off B's supreme-all-fricken-day-after-day-ability-to-play-WOW & Z's aptitude for non-stop-talking-&-noise-making-until-any-nearby-brains-have-melted-&-oozed-out-of-everyone's-head-&-they-are-begging,-pleading-&-will-do-anything-for-a-moment-of-silence.

then i had to think about myself.


i'm good at holding down the sofa, but that's not really a super-power.
oh, i can read vampire books really fast - how about that?
i read the twilight series (all 4.3 books in 2 weeks).
not really huh?

then B says - i'm sarcastic like no one else.
that is MY super-power.
i'm good with that.

can i get a job with that?
where's that in the classified ads?
yeah, i have a BS in business admin, but a PhD in sarcasm...self taught at that, impressive, no?

then the boys argued over who was gassier & who should have that as their super-power.

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