Monday, February 9, 2009

what $60 worth of flowers, balloons & a smile will get you

into places your really not allowed, that's what.

tomorrow is our 8th wedding anniversary.
at lunch i picked up flowers & balloons, the easy part.
i didn't think delivery would be that difficult though.

B's office requires access...that i don't have.
i thought it would be rather easy, i emailed a couple of people that work with him just after lunch.
& waited.

& waited.


at 4:30 i was getting nervous. i hadn't heard anything from anyone.
should i wait for morning?
i didn't want to. i wanted to get it over there & tie the balloons to his cubicle so they could be seen all over the know maximize the embarrassment, right?

at 4:45 i tried calling someone else to no avail.
so i grabbed my bundle, headed out in the cold & walked across the street, unsure of the outcome but determined.

the first door, no problem.
now to get through the 2nd one.
i looked at the phone, called a few more people, no answer.
then 2 people came to the door, they weren't sure about letting me in, but i guess because of the flowers, they didn't say anything to me as i passed through the doors.

i didn't realize the 3RD SET of doors were also going to be a problem.


so i knocked on the glass, several times.

no answer.

i hear people speaking in a side office, but i knock some more hoping someone inside will hear me.


so i go over to the side office & ask if they can let me in.
at first he sad no, then i explained i just wanted to leave some flowers on my husband's desk. he tells me to use the phone & i tell him i've tried calling everyone i know but no one is answering.

he decides to go in to look around for someone who can vouch that i'm not going to blow up the building & really do just want to put the flowers on B's desk.
no dice. hence why no one answered the phone calls or emails.

he decided to let me in & walk me to B's desk, which was really nice only i didn't get to set the balloons up the way i wanted. i just shoved the flowers on his desk & made no attempts whatsoever to make it presentable. good thing i didn't have confetti hearts this time.

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