Thursday, February 12, 2009

the ferris (not wheel)

last night was left over night, but nothing sounded good so i decided to make some eggs. beings the boys had already eaten i wasn't worried about their opinions. i sauteed some mushrooms, wilted some fresh spinach & then Z walked in.

he saw the slices of cream cheese on the cutting board. he was supposed to be getting ready for bed, but when he saw me prepping a new option he said "good, i'm still hungry".

i asked him if that was because he saw the cream cheese or the spinach - both. he's the craziest kid, i can't believe how much he likes vegetables. i thought i would throw him off & remind him he wasn't included in this effort in the beginning & mushrooms were included, but he didn't care.

so i finish making what was supposed to be my dinner a bowl with now 2 spoons. he loved the spinach...& decided even the mushrooms were good. i told him "you know, most kids don't like spinach" he said he did & he stretched his hands out about a foot wide.

then i asked him how much he liked corn (i thought it was his favorite because he used to do a corn-on-the-cob-march to celebrate whenever we had corn) but that only got a wide arm stretch.

next i asked about artichoke & he said from those mountains over there to those ones over there. wow, more than i thought.

finally i asked about ferris (asparagus, come on couldn't you guess that?) & his response was a mere few inch gap. see momma messed that one up; it used to be his favorite, but one dreadful day out of desperation i served him canned asparagus. they say hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman, well, steer clear of the child fed canned asparagus too, he's just as angry & unforgiving. that incident was well over a year ago & he hasn't forgotten about it.

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