Thursday, February 5, 2009

you talk to much

the other night when i put Z to bed i asked him what was the best part of this day?

Z - being with you (the standard, which i know it's not true, but i'll take it for as long as he's willing to dish it out)
me - i'm sure there was something at school or your after-school place that was better than spending your time with me.
Z - no, the kids were bugging me (said in a whiny, sad voice like he's about to start crying)
me - well what happened? were they being mean or teasing you?
Z - no they were talking

i pause waiting for the rest of the sentence....expecting some detail, an adjective please....but nothing.

me - so that was it? they were talking? they weren't saying mean things or anything like that?
Z - no just talking & i wanted it to be quiet, so they were bugging me.

i burst out in laughter (i just spelled that 'lafter' - wth?).
nana's dna is SOME strong i tell you.

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