Monday, February 2, 2009

Japan, finally together

i was sidetracked at work today, i had a little work to do & in between that i was reading book 2 of twilight (which isn't as good as book 1, because Edward so far only has a very minor role).

anyways, so yes, finally after this drama & that drama, i was in B's room...alone. i don't know how long it was before he finally showed up. when he did i was worried that i may have gotten him in trouble beings base was on lockdown & he wasn't supposed leave; he wasn't or if denied it if he was, then he explained how we crossed paths.

he managed to get off base & go to the teeny airport. thankfully it was that small because when he couldn't find me he asked the people there if they had seen me & they told him i had taken the bus with a group to base. when he tried to return the beater car was having electrical problems from the heavy moisture in the air, delaying our reunion even further.

finally we made it, we were together again, on the same island & in the same room. for a few days at least.

okinawa is very small island, we had a fun time exploring it. we went to the downtown shopping district (B said the women really looked at me, like not only was i american, but i wasn't military, a rarity indeed), visited remains of castles & military standoff points from the war.

we spent most of our time swimming though. in the ocean. yeah, me, in the ocean. the water was warm, like mexico, but clear, not like mexico. i snorkeled for the first time. it was VERY strange. the worst part, which i still remember vividly was listening to my heartbeat. it was so loud, eerily loud, like i was in a hospital unconscious & a machine was echoing it out for the entire floor room to hear.

a little tip for those of you who haven't gone snorkeling before - it's not a good idea to scream underwater. it doesn't work very well. the screams kinda get muffled by all the water entering your mouth. it took me a couple of times to get that one right. i would get so excited at all the sea life i couldn't control myself & i would scream out. i'm pretty sure i killed a lobster, poor little guy never heard such a thing before.

the best part of okinawa is that it made me think that it was probably what hawaii used to be like long before it became commerical. the ocean was so beautiful & you could pull off the road anywhere & hop in. you could have your own private beach access point.

before we knew it, it was time for me to head back home. the return trip was uneventful.


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