Thursday, January 29, 2009

how that Japan trip started

i was tagged on facebook to write 25 random things about me, i copied practically everything from my about me page then added a few things.

then i started a little thing about the trip to Japan, so here's the background:
i was in my senior year of college, B was deployed & in Japan for 6 months. he worked out all the details for me & 3 months into his deployment i was off to visit him.

OC-D took me to LAX, international area was crazy busy. the flight was long & we weren't able to finish our last leg to Okinawa because there was a hurricane so we stayed in Seoul, S. Korea overnight. they bused us for what seemed like forever to a hotel out as far away from the airport as possible. i remember it reminded me of mexico, the buildings all hodge podge & very colorful. oh & it smelled like sewer, i couldn't believe they had the olympics there.

the hotel wasn't all that fancy, but they thought it was. i remember sitting on the floor in the lobby (because i was fricken exhausted) & the bell boy came over & made me get up off the floor. the rug had big stains on it & he was worried about me sitting on the floor & giving off the wrong vibe.

i had my mom's cell phone & luckily was able to reach her. this was back in 2000 & coverage was really bad, i told her i was stuck & she relayed the message to B.

for dinner they gave us salmon & french fries, it was the best american type food they could deliver. we had to share rooms, so i was put with another young woman, it could have been a worse match up i thought.

let me put this out there - i'm a light sleeper, got that? ok.
so we we're wiped from the flight & bus ride so we go to our room with 2 beds. i wake up in the middle of the night, noise, let's go with that.

i understand that we all have our needs, but really?
are you serious?

yup, she was.
right there.
in the same room.
in the bed next to me.
just a few feet away.

what do you do in THAT situation, hmmm?
not fricken move one muscle was my choice & hope she didn't notice a change in my breathing. oh what am i talking about, she probably couldn't even hear my breathing. even if she could hear it, i'm sure she wasn't focused on it one bit.

so note to self, next time you share a hotel room with a stranger, make sure to tell them if then need private time, do it in the bathroom.
with the door closed.

that was the highlight of my visit to seoul. the next day was a holiday for them so although we didn't get back on the bus until the afternoon we had nothing to do all morning at the hotel. i had to sit there & awkwardly be friends with this woman & look her in the face the whole time.

that was just the start of the trip...i hadn't even gotten to the right island yet. that's a whole different story.

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