Friday, January 23, 2009

i win - hahahaha!

today's stay home friday - score!
got to sleep in until 7 - yeah!
had to get up to take Z to school, bummer but that means we have a free day - whoohoo!
when i returned B was still sleeping so i get the computer - whoohoo from the rooftop baby!
i chatted on facebook, read all my bloggy reads, checked email, girl cooties all over the home computer!

uh oh, B just got up & i'm still on. he's probably crying in front of the tv right now...his wow friends too, they haven't gamed in like 6 hours.

see how mean i am, pure evil denying wow togetherness.

i better go before withdrawals begin, few thing are nastier than wow withdrawal symptoms, it's worse than herione i hear.

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