Monday, January 26, 2009

stalker update

so i think stalker either found my blog & located said blog where i call him out on his behavior or my coworker told him to cut that shit out.

the other day he came into my office & he always rushes in & looks at my screen to see what i'm doing before i have a chance to react. well this time he recognized the screen & said "oh, you're on your blog" & went to the back of the office, sat at my coworker's desk & then rolled the chair over so that the printer would block his view of my screen. he did not say one word about wanting to read my blog or wanting the address, nothing.

suspicious, do you agree?

whatever the case, i'm happy he's not on my case anymore; if he found it & reads, i'm sure he'll get bored with it & lose interest. if he wants to read about sexy-talk he needs to go check out Crissy, now she's entertaining!

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