Tuesday, January 20, 2009

zombie dream

i used to love to watch scary movies, stuff like texas chainsaw massacre (the 70s one) made me laugh but now i just can't hang. i enjoy the movie when i watch it, but at night when i'm sleeping all that stuff comes back to me. i seriously don't need any dream fodder, so i really have be picky about what i'm willing to watch knowing full well, it will come back to haunt me at some point. some of my favorites were old zombie movies, night of the living dead & return of the living dead, yeah, good stuff.

some time ago B got dawn of the dead, whatever, i can hang...or so i thought. i had seen the original version many times & no big deal, i handle silly zombie movies. wrong! this was years ago & i still have dreams about zombies coming after me.

last night it was baby zombies. they were about a year, year and half old with that cute little stumbly, lopsided walk only they were dead & trying to eat our brains! then a friend of ours was tainted & we were sure what to do with her because she was still normal, but we knew she was going to turn into one of them, but we didn't want to just throw her out there to be eaten by baby zombies. it was fricken crazy. so we put her in the garage, so she could at least complete her transition in peace & not be eaten while she was human.

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