Tuesday, January 6, 2009


last night when i finally got a moment to sit & relax next to B on the sofa, where he'd been all evening because he was tired, he tells me he called intervention. he had already watched an episode & was on a 2nd one, i was confused. then he tells me he called & told them he was addicted to me.

only i was pissy (surprise)...& instead of being pleased that my husband is addicted to me [alright, yeah, it's corny, but if we were dating, i would think he totally wanted to get in my pants really liked me.] i started yelling at him.

not nice things at that.
i was tired too, but i couldn't use that as an excuse. Z still had homework to do & had to be fed & bathed. & yes, for the most part he can do it by himself, but he still needs some help.

so the giddiness i should have felt was nowhere to be found, i didn't even realize it. i have an apology to make & a serving of humble pie for dinner.

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