Sunday, January 11, 2009

weekend at mom's

yeah! Z only got 1 unhappy face last week! (you can only ask so much of a boy, right? more on that later...).

we drove down to mom's on friday afternoon; mom had already prepped dinner when we got there (the cornish hens she's been begging for all season) & she made enough stuffing for an army (or 2 possibly) for the 3 of us. i gave her a bowl i bought in acapulco; really colorful with chili peppers all over it, no doubt where it came from!

the next morning B & I headed down to ikea to look for something to put the tv on. we've been making due the past year with our old entertainment center. the tv doesn't fit in the space so we placed it on top & it's all ghetto, but we're in the right house, so no complaints other than we're getting a little tired of it. we bought a couple of besta shelving units.

that evening we took mom out for pho soup & picked up her favorite coconut cream pie for dessert. after our nummies, B installed a faucet in the downstairs bathroom. when we were done we went upstairs & everyone was passed out. people know how to party -> eat pie & go to sleep.

this morning we picked up a couple of parts to finish the faucet, then once that was complete we packed up & headed home. our sleep schedule had been completely messed up, on sat we were all up at 3am (Z was hungry & everyone had to watch him eat) & today they were up about 5am making all kinds of noise (they have issues!).


  1. 3am & eating? if it was any other family i wouldn't believe it! ha ha ha

    i remember those days though. now i'm like "drink some water & go to sleep."

  2. yeah, i know, i can't say anything - i just have to be sure the fridge is fully stocked!


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