Wednesday, December 10, 2008

vamos a mexico! - acapulco

the first 2 days we spent on boat, it was nice & relaxing. they had a kid program that we shuffled Z off to, so everyone was happy!

our first excursion was in acapulco, we didn't plan anything so when we got off the ship we just hired a taxi to show us the town. first he took us to the old part of the city & showed us a couple of the old hotels old hollywood stars would frequent back in the day. you could tell at one time these were magnificent but time had certainly taken it's toll. we also drove by a vacation house that once belonged to Diego Rivera (unfortunately entry isn't allowed) but there was a mosiac dragon on the wall & his name.

we asked him to take us to a place where locals would eat but he insisted on taking us to Senior Frogs. there were only a few other (white) people there when we arrived, but we had a feeling we were being duped & we were SO right. B got a beer & plate of shrimp, Z got a smoothy & fish & chips, I got a margarita & a small shrimp cocktail. guess how much that was? come on, just GUESS? in american dollars, i won't even try & trick you with pesos? got a number? ok, well whatever it is triple it. yeah, our bill was almost $90 AMERICAN DOLLARS!!!!

i had taken Z to the bathroom & left B to pay the bill so i didn't even know it until we were back in the taxi. i couldn't believe it. i was sure we should have each received a free t-shirt with that bill.

after that the taxi driver took us to the new part of the city which was much nicer & a church that reminded me a lot of Mt Soledad. then we headed back to our point of origin & he dropped us off at the zocalo (downtown center). we meandered through the shops & the streets. Z got plenty of attention throughout our escapades, those girls love the blonde kid! there was another church here & there were many processions of people celebrating the virgin of guadalupe.

we got back on the boat about 7pm & i was exhausted. Z went to the kids club & B & I went to the jacuzzi for a bit.

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