Monday, December 22, 2008

i don't know cold

yesterday i did my usual phone call to my mom & she complained about how cold it is in sd. yeah, i know, it's SoCal, they don't know cold, it's in the 40s.

so i complained that it's in the 20s here, yes, much colder.

then i spoke with B's mom (in chicago). she told me she had friday off from work because of the weather, so i asked "well, how cold was it?"

-4 (HOLY COW!!!)

but then she clarified, with the windchill factor, it was:


what is that? i can't even imagine? would it be like living in your freezer? oh my gosh! i called my mom back & told her we were silly california girls & we don't know a darn thing about cold & she agreed!

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