Friday, December 19, 2008

more Z troubles...

the other day B got a call from Z's teacher that kids were complaining the Z was putting his hand down his pants then putting it in people's faces - how nice to hear. i would have to guess that's something he picked up from someone else, unless he's been going around & sniffing his own hand....sigh...but isn't that something siblings do or maybe just boys, i don't know!!!

yesterday he got in trouble again for chasing girls & kissing them. he's going to be unbelievable when he's a teenager, maybe i should start talking to him about birth control now. you know it all starts with kissing, next thing you know the girl's pregnant...
he also got a talking to because he was being rude to another teacher, no respect for authority, at 6!!!

what's a parent to do?

we still take him to counseling, although he hasn't gone the past couple of weeks due to thanksgiving, our trip to mex, dr was sick this week.

threats of santa leaving him coal are completely blown off. maybe we should not give him ANYTHING for Christmas & see how that goes. could you imagine having Christmas as a kid & not getting presents? wow, could we be THAT mean to even try it? hahahaha! shit, if it would work i think i'd try it.

but we're going to Grammie's & goodness knows she won't tolerate such a thing no matter how bad the boy is, has been, or will be. plus once Z figured out the whole santa is really us thing & we forfeited presents on Christmas, he would send us his therapy bills for the rest of our lives.

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