Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm not a terrible person

but boy am i flipping happy we finally got some christmas shopping done!!!! slackers i know, not even starting until December 18th after 4pm.

sweet relief!!

shit if B's procrastination hasn't rubbed off on me in the worst possible way! i came home early & he was here gaming. i asked (already pissed because i just can not help myself) "did you finish Christmas shopping yet?"
of course the answer was a no; he'd probably been home for hours, but hadn't started.
so i did a couple of things then came & sat right next to him so we could do what we needed to do & after a few minutes he stopped gaming.
it works, not fun, but it works.

Amazon, you piss me off, but i love you! yes, just about everything was purchased there, i think my headache may be going away now.

oh had office christmas party this afternoon. this was the mellow version, the fun one happened when we were down in mex. they served vietnamese food (yummy pancit & lumpia) then we had a gift exchange. all the alcohol had already reached the max stealing point so i ended up with a starbucks cup & gc. not bad, could have been stuck with a stuffed frosty the snowman or a ceramic house candleholder - even i'm not that domestic.

i was kind of sad to miss out on old job's Christmas party, last year was a fricken hoot. i guess i feel a little more comfortable elabortaing on the scenario now. one of my co-workers (who's drunken state is debatable) asked the he/she to view the he/she's nether region. the rest of my co-worker's & i were in a group, we noticed our friend was gone, then he returned with the he/she. we don't know all that transpired or how long they were gone, but this will probably be one of my best Christmas party stories for a long time.

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