Saturday, December 6, 2008

the drive

wow, didn't realize how much i missed radio! once we hit the 15 radio goes on, i tend to forget if we're in B's truck beings it has sirius, but the car doesn't, so once near civilization it's on.

do you know how you know you're in la? there's more mexican music on the radio than english music - surprise.
but, it was great nearing sd & hearing all the fabulous radio stations! YEAH! 94.9 has been in a slump since anya left, really how much rage against the machine can one listen to?

then the big dilemma was what to eat? so many options it's a bit overwhelming you know! we drove thru escondido, skipped that. then neared kearny mesa which is a complete melting pot & the decision was made - what do we missed most from the city? hole in the wall mexican. yeah, i know we were headed to mexico the next day, but i'm sorry you just can not beat these burritos ok?

B & I got our carne asada burrito fix & little one got his rolled tacos with cheese & sour cream (weirdo, i know, he doesn't like guac!).

then we headed downtown to the hotel. oh & we had an unintentional excursion off to La Jolla - oopsie. what can i say? i was enthralled with all the beauty & greenery that i kinda got in the wrong lane & missed the 5...

oh & for anyone who actually reads this, i'm backdating the posts for the next couple of entries.

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