Wednesday, December 24, 2008

letter to Z from Santa

so maybe we're going to regret this, but we decided we needed to do it. Z is so positively sure he's getting the DS despite some of his completely horrible behavior this year. Up until just a few days ago we were looking into getting for him, but he has still been mouthing off & giving attitude so i told B no dice, ain't happening. We ordered a responsibility chart from amazon & wrote Z this letter:

Dear Z,

I know you asked for a DS and Pokemon game for Christmas this year, I found a blue one for you. But there have been a couple of times where you weren’t very nice to your friends, teachers, Lady-bird and your parents. You’ve also been lying which is a very bad thing. These are things that make it very difficult for me to reward you with the DS & Pokemon game.

So I decided to give you this responsibility chart to help you know the things you need to do to be good. This will also help your parents know when it’s time to give you a little reward for being such a good boy.

I know you’ve been trying to be good, so keep trying and your parents know where the DS is. Once you’ve learned to be good to your friends and others and stopped lying, they will give the DS and Pokemon game to you.

Always watching you,


  1. Lol that is great.. I miss believing in Santa! Every year I was always a little scared I'd wake up to coal!

  2. yeah, we considered putting a piece of coal in there for a minute!


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