Friday, December 26, 2008

how Christmas went

we drove down to mom's on Christmas eve. we stopped at costco & the grocery store to pick up a few things & Z would tell anyone who would listen about how he was getting a DS for Christmas. it really made me question whether or not that santa letter was a good idea or not.

then at my mom's when it came time to put him to bed, he started arguing with me & was even lying to prove his point; so i knew the letter & the chart were the right thing to do.

the next morning i heard him climb up the stairs. i jumped out of bed, grabbed the camera & followed. surprisingly my mother hadn't let him start in so i didn't miss anything. he opened almost all his presents (he still had plenty), then he got to the box with the letter. when he opened the box he handed the letter to B to read & then he recognized the chart (he had found it at home before i wrapped it up). luckily B & I had already prepared a statement, saying santa had talked to us about not getting Z the DS & how the chart was going to work, etc.

so we sat there for a minute, letting the whole thing set in & it really seemed like it worked, that he understood why he didn't get the DS. he wasnt' upset & he didn't cry.

there were a few other presents left for him to open & he spent the day playing with his cars & track set up, the mix & match marker set, a Ben10 watch thing. it was still a good Christmas for him.

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