Wednesday, December 17, 2008


finally, got the tree up & decorated.

also got pic's downloaded from mexico.

yeah, i'm tired.

i woke up last night about 2 & couldn't fall asleep, when i finally did, i had crazy crack dreams. my first dream B was going to move a tree branch to catch a large (approx 6") albino praying mantis but when he touched the branch it opened it's eyes & we realized it was an owl. so we put the owl on my right wrist & before we could continue after the original target, we heard a screeching noise. we looked up & there was a huge (bigger than an elephant) flying creature off in the distance & you know if it was that big far off, it was going to be fricken huge once it was upon us.

so we were looking for cover & then the environment changed to something similar to a school with a hallway of doors & we picked the bathrooms to go into to hide from the flying beast that was coming after us. now i don't know why we did this but we made sure B went to the boys bathroom & Z went with me to the girls, because even in a state of emergency one really doesn't want to enter the wrong bathroom i guess. i mean if huge screeching flying monster is after you hopefully he won't know which one you're hiding in right? hopefully he can't read.

there isn't much of a transition here, so i thought i'd make it obivous that was the end of one & below is the beginning of the next.

after that i was in a house & i was being robbed, some guy was taking all my jewelry. which i find rather funny as most of my jewelry is from my teenager years & isn't of much value. anyway, so i get robbed & the guy leaves & i'm looking through the remnants of all my shit thinking "thank goodness i have these few little trinkets left". then the guy comes back to take more of my stuff & he's off again; only to return a 3rd time (wtf? i know! i was pretty tired of his ass too). i don't know what he came back for but by this time i finally decided to call 911 on him. why not the 1st & 2nd time? i have no clue.


  1. "To dream that you have been robbed, denotes that you are experiencing an identity crisis or you are suffering some sort of loss in your life. Alternatively, you may feel that someone has stolen your success or has taken credit for something you did."

  2. interesting, i'll have to put some thought into that....identity crisis may be related to the job decision. thanks!

  3. Wow! I wish I could've witnessed that first dream. Reminds me of The Labyrinth or The Neverending Story. :)

  4. yeah, B was teasing me when i told him about the dream, he said i was thinking i was harry potter.


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