Friday, December 5, 2008


there was ice on my windshield this morning, finally cold here....i've been waiting for winter to hit & today was the day. tonight we head down to sd, tomorrow we board the boat & head to baja. i'm totally excited & a little nervous, i don't know what to expect & although it's a cruise, a vacation, it perplexes me.

needless to say, i look for things to worry one of us getting sick or what will we forget (because you know there will be something)? did we pack the right clothes (even casual dining is dress up, crap!)? will my butt fit in my bathing suit (last time it was a little snug)? will we remember to call school everyday to tell them Z's "sick" (never mind the mariachi music in the background)? will there be wifi (i don't know if i can go that long with no connection & B's WOW addiction is worse than my bloggy addiction)?

speaking of, i got a call last night from my dr, my bloodwork results are in & we need to chat. a little more details on her vm would have been comforting but i guess dr's like to keep you on edge.

oh & in case you're keeping track, i have not talked to higher up about possible job with old company. whatever, i'm not going to stress over it.

12:30 update - bloodwork results were fine, good actually; however my pap came back abnormal = not good. will have to go in for re-inspection, snippets & other horrible things to my delicate lady parts - boohoo!


  1. try to keep the worries at bay this next week. i'm sure you will all have a blast...and if not, then you will know that cruises are not for you guys. :-)
    hope you have a great time!


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