Friday, December 12, 2008

last port - manzanillo

i hadn't even heard of manzanillo prior into looking into the cruise, so instead of booking an excursion we decided to play it by ear. Z's buddy R & family came with a few additional family members & friends & they invited us to the beach so we tagged along.

the boys got along so well it was unbelievable. typically, Z has love/hate relationships with his friends but R was some how able to work with Z & they would flex & bend to fit each other. maybe because R is only a few weeks older than Z, but something about them just clicked.

we spent the entire day down at the beach. the peddlers were crazy, it was like home shopper network live. a constant barrage of shirts, wraps, jewelry, dishes, trinkets, fruit, hats. we joked that we should just pay someone to keep all the peddlers away because 1 no wasn't sufficient, they had to go around & put their wares up in your face & hear a distinct no from each individual. i realize this is how they make their living but it really was overwhelming...& sad.

we didn't even buy any souvenirs there, we just enjoyed the day & made new friends. we headed back to the boat exhausted from the sun & B had a few too many cervezas.

Z went to kids camp again & we had a quiet dinner in the dining room. it was better than our meal the first night. when we picked Z up about 9:30 he wanted to eat again, he definitely liked that food ready at any time deal.

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