Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 days until Christmas

are you kidding me?

we just got our tree last night....& we had to have a discussion about getting said tree. yeah, i know we only have a few days until Christmas & we are going to my mom's to celebrate, but dang it, i want a Christmas tree! Z is 6, we have to by law.

he's already questioning the whole Santa deal. everywhere we point one out he will tell us it's fake. i'm pretty sure this will be the last year we'll get through it, if at all.

he did hope that beings we're going to Grammie's for Christmas that we would get 2 rounds of presents (at Grammie's & at home). we've received a couple of boxes in the mail already & we've hid them in the closet. we typically tell him who the presents are from & that only a few are from Santa; we feel it's more important that he recognize the gift givers.

so i guess in a way we've been prepping all along for the reality of the situation, but that doesn't mean i'm looking forward to the inevitable confrontation.

hopefully he'll ask B, he's a better liar than i am...


  1. caine held on for a LONG time to the idea of santa. mostly out of fear of that MAYBE. he didn't want to believe but then IF there was a santa he didn't want to miss out on those gifts. i never came out and said there was no santa but i'm pretty sure at 15 he knows. but that doesn't keep me from putting "from Santa" on some of his gifts even now. :-)

  2. haha, i'm not sure which part is best - that he never asked or that you never admitted it! i will have to make a point of putting "from Santa" on some forever now though, good idea :-)


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