Saturday, December 20, 2008

does it have to be this way?

UGH! when we returned from running some errands B found a message on the machine. he started listening to it before i entered the room so i only caught the tail end of it & it took me a few minutes to realize the hick voice (no joke i was thinking "who's the fricken hillbilly?) was actually my father.

the part i got was something about how it would be nice to see Z this time of year & that was it. B asks me if i care to hear it from the beginning & i say yes beings it took me so long to recognize the voice i didn't catch much.

the message starts with "hello B, this is S"
apparently the message is for my husband as i am not addressed, helloed or acknowledged in any way, shape or form THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MESSAGE.
i guess i am dead in his world.
point made.

screw you dad, you've never been an important part of my life anyways. all you do is reinforce why my mother left you & why i should not let you be a part of my life. you are a supreme asshole.


  1. he has no clue what his actions do. that's not an excuse but more of feeling sorry for him, for how his life is and what he has missed because of his own actions.
    but really, there is no denying his asshole-ish-ness. :-) don't let him take up any more of your thoughts than he has already wasted in your life.

  2. yeah, my mom said the same thing.


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