Tuesday, December 16, 2008

got the call

if you need to catch up, read this and this, ok now read on:

i just got off the phone with higher up. my first thing to clear up was how involved would old boss be because i was very upfront in telling him i had issues with old boss (he had no idea - surprise). old boss would be an integral part of the equation along with the other ops mgrs, higher up & corp mgr. so basically somewhere along the lines of having 8 bosses - sound like fun? so that did not sit well with me at all.

i questioned the training & travel requirements. i'm aware that some training would be required in sd, but how much & would regular trips be needed? 1 -2 weeks for training & only if needed beyond that. i explained the possibilities of B's chaotic impending travel schedule over the next few months, i may not be able to travel & he was ok with that. additional travel may be needed to other offices if special project warranted.

old boss had explained that they wanted someone long term, so i informed him once B retired next year, we're up in the air. we may stay we may go, we really don't know at this point but if we were to go back to sd, the commute would be 1.5 hrs to the sd office (which i'm not willing to do on a daily basis for any amount of $$, my sanity is important to me). so i questioned the possibility of working from home - shot down, no chance. part of that was possibly so i could work from home here too & not have to face old boss on a daily basis.

then that was it, he tried to wrap up the conversation without discussing pay, or actually i should say he was forcing me to bring it up. so i questioned the title, yes financial analyst. i tell him the base pay on salary.com for entry level & ask if he considers the position higher (i know it is higher, but he said entry was appropriate). he did say there was some wiggle room though.

although the opportunity, the title & the pay would be great, i don't know what to do. i still feel like i would be selling my soul. i do not want to work with old boss & be under his thumb.

higher up & i agreed to think about it & talk again after the first of the year. i'm sure he sensed my hesitation about old boss & told me he didn't want to me take a position that would make me miserable...he doesn't know the 1/2 of it.


  1. remember how bad it was on the worst day you had there. can you handle that again? no amount of money is worth it if you can't.
    but you know if you do leave after b's retirement, there is nothing keeping you there and you were up front about it from the beginning.

  2. yeah, there's a lot to consider...


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