Tuesday, December 30, 2008

got his first Hanna Montana gift set...

you think i jest do you?
i am not

only it was a gift to give, he wasn't the recipient, k? let's get that straight.

the other day when we were at walmart & during the christmas card fiasco Z spotted the Hanna Ontana (he doesn't say the M) glittery make-upy gift set & said "Ashley would love this".
i ignored it, we were in the middle of christmas card pandemonium, but he kept bugging about wanting for her. i thought i would stop him by saying "if you want to buy it for her with your own money, you can".

he called my bluff, he was willing to spend his own $10 to buy a present for gf #1.

so i went on further to explain, "you'd rather buy HM glittery girly stuff for gf #1 than get something for yourself?"

& he did. so he carried it through the store & when we got to the register i gave him his money out of the side pocket of my wallet & he was very proud of himself. i was very proud of him too. what a sweet little boy he is.

i wrapped the present thinking this was the first of many gf presents in my future, the boy is going to be a player!


  1. yeah, we're lucky girlfriends #2 & #3 didn't rate presents....this year at least!


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