Sunday, December 28, 2008

that chart

we came home from mom's on sat & on sun we put up the chart in the kitchen.

B & I reviewed all the responsibilities listed & chose the important ones & used the 2 empty ones to write "bathroom clean" & "toilet flushed". while the bathroom clean is something i still battle with B about (dirty clothes & towels on the floor) the toilet flushing lesson really needs to be learned.

Z was really on board with the chart & wanted to make sure he understood the list & how it worked & what he needed to do. it was surprising how something so simple affected him. i've tried putting a happy face on the calendar on days when he was good, but this seems to be much more of an incentive.

he made sure L-bird had her food, he was off to get ready for bed with only being told once, he was more willing to read a couple of books to me.

i'm SO getting one of these for B now! i wonder if they have a husband one already set up or if i'll have to make up the list?

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