Monday, December 15, 2008

bah humbug

so we got off the boat early yesterday morning, $120 for parking, then headed over to mom's; it wasn't planned, so we just stopped by to say hi for about 1/2 hour then were on our way. next stop at costco to get some groceries & gas, $170 there & today B picked up Lady from the kennel, another $130 bucks. can we stop now?

no i guess not because it's christmas next week!!!!
um, we didn't do any christmas shopping before we left. i know before the cruise i didn't think the timing was good, now i realize it was the worst time to lose a week.

maybe i should have spent my workday shopping online, but i just don't feel right about it. yeah, reading blogs is much more productive, right? well, i'm sorry but the ship charged PER MINUTE for internet, so although i love my reads, i wasn't about to pay for reading per minute. i'm a fast reader & all, but the pressure would lessen the comprehension.

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