Monday, December 29, 2008

facebook strike #2

wth facebook, why you doing me like this?

when i signed in this morning to check things out, you didn't want to work. you were sluggish, had a rough christmas i guess. i closed the window & tried logging in a 3rd time because you were just S-L-O-W.

so i finally get in & check my notifications, no big deal.

go to my inbox to write a note to a friend. hey, i have mail.
bloody hell!
no seriously...
why? why? why?

i was contacted by an ex. a way, way, WAY ex that only reminds of what a foolish young girl i once was (& not in the edward cullen sense, that's real i tell ya!). when i was seeing him, i was at a very low point in my life. i can't believe i even gave him a second look, much less dated him or shed a tear over him. he was a liar & a cheater.

so here's the message: "hey you. just surfn and got on facebook and i thnk its you? but no sure? br***** or not let me know thanks, m"

is this for real? why would he contact me? what would he have to say to me after all these years? presuming i respond, i have something like this in mind: "yes, it's me. what do you want? i have nothing to say to you. go away. you're a bad person."


  1. br*****?? i can't wait to ask you what this is. lol i assume it's B. and that makes what he said even more creepy!! :-( i wouldn't even respond. nothing good can come of that one.

  2. haha, oops, sorry mariah, i didn't make the B connection. town not person. better?

  3. oh okay. that's less creepy then. i thought he was implying that hubby or not he was down for a connection. lol still...shudder. but if you do talk to him tell him he still owes me money!! ha ha ha

  4. i don't think a husband would stand in his way...but can we please not go there, my skin crawls at just the thought!
    i'm thinking there's probably quite a few people he owes $$ to.

  5. you are probably right on all accounts...the husband meaning nothing, the crawling of the skin and the money owe-ing!!


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