Monday, December 15, 2008

Z homework

last night Z & I went over some homework that his teacher sent home. (we told her about the trip) so the week was about weather...a good week to miss in my opinion. so she sent home a few sheets describing the daily reading he would be missing along with some vocabulary words he needed to be familiar with.

words like thunderstorm, blizzard, hurricane, flood.

i would ask Z if he knew what the word meant & he said he did for everyone except sleet, so i explained it was a mixture of rain & snow (if that's wrong, that's what the sheet said! i'm from SoCal, we don't get any of that!)

then i would have explain each word to be sure he had a proper definition, some were rather funny:
flood - when you flush the toilet & the water comes up & out, that's a flood
government - people who have a lot of money & they talk to other people (that would be politicians specifically, but this kid really knows his stuff!)
& the ringer:
warn (remember this is in the context of weather so the definition should be something like a warning to stay indoors) - his example was "i'm going to give you one more warning then i'm going to call your parents"

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