Thursday, December 18, 2008

frozen car

close but not quite snow. weather predicted the possibility of it, nearby towns got it, some say there were flurries/sleet at some point during the night, but actual snow didn't happen.

my car was frozen this morning, when i pulled the door handle the ice crunched. then i had to sit for about 10 minutes waiting for everything to thaw & the ice on my windshield to soften enough for the wipers to slush it away. i windows in the backseat wouldn't even open, frozen shut.

my car said it was 31 out but i think there isn't enough humidity in the air for snow to happen. bummer.

Z told me yesterday they were out playing in the yard & he was trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth so he was standing out there open-mouthed just waiting (that had to be a sight) he said he "caught none" & was disappointed.

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