Tuesday, December 2, 2008

unhappy face....x4

Z acquired another unhappy face yesterday. this one for pushing another kid in class; he said they had a disagreement, the other kid pushed first, then Z pushed back & got caught.

the week before thanksgiving he got 3 unhappy faces...in one week! 2 for chasing girls 1 because he took a toy to school & repeatedly brought it out to play with during class.

i do not get this kid.

they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; but Z is my polar opposite. i would be crushed & full of guilt for days if i were in his shoes....after only 1 unhappy face, 4 & i would probably send myself to solitary confinement for months. but these things don't phase him, he doesn't care about the unhappy face, the consequences at school & home or the fact that he's being mean to someone.

he's completely justified his actions & feels no remorse. is that a boy thing? or is something wrong with him?

update 3:15 pm - oh what a tangled web we weave....yeah that bs about pushing another kid was a lie. B went in & spoke with Z's teach this morning & she knew nothing about a pushing scenario. he got the unhappy face for being a stubborn little shrew; at one point he was arguing with another teacher that there ARE blue trees. this afternoon B got another call from teach because the boy is still causing trouble, even while sitting out recess he managed to dig that hole a little deeper.

fun times are to be had at our house tonight, come on over for the lecturing, beating & crying festival, fun will be had by all...


  1. if i find a manual for raising boys...you will be the first to get it after i read it and get them figured out! :-)

  2. i only want a couple of sections, i couldn't imagine reading the whole thing! although it would probably answer a lot of my questions...even with B!!!


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