Sunday, December 14, 2008

cruise - final thoughts

we spent a few more days on ship for the ride home; those quite days were needed. we met up with R & family throughout the days & evenings for poolside talks & also caught a midnight comedy show. they were really nice family & at the end of the trip we exchanged contact info & hopefully can keep in touch. both boys are anxiously awaiting a playdate although they live in washington state so that would take some planning.

B & I also decided to splurge on a spa morning. we thought what the heck right? we hadn't spent a lot of $$ at the ports & the treatments were discounted. um, yeah, so then we both went crazy on purchasing products...merry christmas is what we decided!
i got a facial that was fantastic, my face was as smooth & as plump as a baby's butt. seriously, i was ready to buy anything that could make my face like that!
B had a professional shave, a mini-facial & a neck massage. the lady used a cream on his cheeks that made his psoriasis go away, something he's battled since before we even met.
haha, so when he walked in the room after his treatment with a bag of goodies, i didn't feel so bad about all the $$ i spent. although he said he really would have liked to have seen how things would have developed if he walked in empty handed & i had to explain myself!

we enjoyed the cruise & will probably do it again sometime in the future, but to another location; we heard the carribean is fantastic. if we go back to mexico, we would fly & stay, either ixtapa or we heard cancun was very nice also.


  1. Cruising in the Carribean is WAY better than doing the Mexican Riviera one. Cancun is beautiful, at least the water is like guilf of mexico water, soooo turquoise and pretty!

  2. i heard the shopping in the carribean was better too.

    yeah, the water in the places we visited (in mex) wasn't beautiful, but it was nice to cool off in.


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