Monday, December 29, 2008

what happened to dessert?

on weds am as we were gathering everything up to take to mom's i found the plate of cookies i had baked over the weekend in the computer room. bad news.
i had baked quite a few things, made a container for B & I to each take to work on mon while the remainder was supposed to go to mom's, only B didn't get that memo. i didn't mind a few missing here & there, 'a few' was what was left.

i wasn't too bothered, i could bake more for us, but i wanted something to take to mom's. besides, although i wasn't anticipating the much loved carrot cake, i knew we would get mom's fabulous pumpkin pie & that's all i cared about. the cookies were for everyone else.

when we made our stops at costco & the regular store, B kept on bugging me about buying desserts. yuck, i don't eat store bought (except cheesecake because i don't make it).

then we we get to mom's not a pie in sight, pumpkin or otherwise. she was too tired & wasn't sure if we would make it down because of the crazy weather.

so that means i'm going to have to make my own pumpking pie & wrestle with crust again. Z won't be allowed in the kithen during this time & B will stay away if he's smart.

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