Thursday, January 15, 2009

Z impending dental drama pt II

the dentist appt is this afternoon (remember?), a week's worth of antibotics & that grape is still in his mouth. i've been prepping Z for at least a week, don't forget, we're going, it's coming out. the sicky tooth needs to come out & the tooth fairy wants it. the tooth fairy will give you extra money because it's a big, ugly, sicky tooth.

harp, harp

nag, nag

yes, i've been doing my job quite well. i called the office this morning & asked, should i give him some tylenol to help him relax before we go? she asked the dr & he said it wouldn't hurt, but they are hoping, because we're going in for a scheduled cleaning, that he will forget about having the tooth pulled & they'll just go in there, do the cleaning & yank - tooth is out.

UMMMMM.....WHAT? couldn't you have let me in on that little plan of yours? hmmmm? like hell he's forgotten about it, i made sure he is completely aware of what's going to happen today.

& we (ok, me) I was hoping B would take him, because i'm a big sissy at times, but he can't so i have to take Z. this is worse than yesterday's angst. at least yesterday was me, i can't deal with it when it's Z. I'M going to have to take a valium for this appt....& maybe sit in the car. i'm probably going to cry to because the pms stage has progressed from angry bitch to tears flowing at the drop of hat; so being there while that tooth is being pulled out of my baby, a big big molar at that is going to be really, really difficult.

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