Tuesday, January 27, 2009

on the way home from the ER

i forgot to write about what happened after we left the hospital.
we head out of the parking lot over to McD's (Z's reward for being good while getting glued) & we're talking about how the morning went. Z had a rough morning before boinking his head; i had already put an X on the "show respect" line of his chart (as in he was talking back & i wanted to be sure i didn't forget that when i doled out points for the day) & B had already given him a talking to.

B says "see i knew we were going to have a rough day"
me - "yeah, it was just rougher than we expected"
B - "i knew i shouldn't have folded the laundry"
me - "seriously, you almost brought about armageddon"

now i'm never going to get that man to wash dishes...sigh...
i've told him i can pretty much guarantee his penis won't fall off if he does, but something tells me the minute chance i had of it ever happening is dwindling even further.

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