Sunday, January 25, 2009

one more trip to the ER

it started out a quiet morning; Z watched cartoons, B slept in & I was almost finished reading Pride & Prejudice. Z went to his room to pull sheets off his bed & when i went to check on him he'd forgotten the pillowcases. so i told him to finish that up & went down the hall to the kitchen to start cooking some bacon for breakfast; before i got there Z screamed out in pain.

i ran towards his room, B rushed out of the computer room before me & got there first. B asked him what happened & Z was crying & in pain so his words were mumbled. i understood that he fell & he was holding his head. B had him repeat himself; Z was putting a blankey on his bed & he hopped & fell & his head hit the metal bedframe. then he brought his hand away from his forehead & he was bleeding.

B grabbed tp & i wet a washcloth so we could get the blood away to see how bad it was. it was a small cut, but deep so we decided it was best to take him to the hospital. i put an ice pack on him then we got dressed & were out the door.

we waited about an hour with a room full of people that looked & walked as though nothing was wrong with them. i heard one woman say she had been sick for 5 days & was tired of it - so she came to the ER for a cold that she would probably wake up tomorrow feeling better without any medical attn. [oops, that last part was my opinion, sorry]

after triage we waited about 20 min & the nurse said we could either do a few stitches or glue. glue, please! hello, remember that little dentist episode? yeah, stitches not good, glue & no shots = good.

she said as long as we got there within 4 hours of it happening either way he should have no scar - YEAH! because it's smack dab in the middle of his forehead; straight above the bridge of his nose vertically & between eyebrows & hairline horizontally.

he's fine, hopping around like nothing happened earlier today. i want to tape him to his bed though.

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