Monday, January 12, 2009

facebook strike #2.5 (aka mess with the bull)

so i had the pleasure of that to which i did finally decide to respond with a simple "yes, it's me". (yeah, i know i totally wimped out, but i was making the best attempt i could to refrain.) i thought there was the possibility he may somehow have something important or worthwhile to say to me & i didn't want to just bite his head off right out of the gate. (see how nice i am!)

the same day he replied: wow i thought it was u. how have you been?

i decided no response was best...right?

his reply yesterday to my non-response: hey sorry for the message i just wanted to know how u were? goodbye

my bitch-mode switch flipped: m****, i'm not trying to be mean but after all these years is there really anything you & I need to talk about? do you need to know i'm ok?

i'm ok. i'm married & have a family.

i'm not sure what you want or expect. it's not like we were friends. you did some really awful things to me but i survived you.

i hope he's happy now.

UPDATE 1/13 - he apologized "for everything i put you threw" because he's all grown up now.


  1. honestly, i have no idea...maybe he expected me to say i was single & wanted to give him another try!!!
    EW, that's not even funny!
    now i feel dirty

  2. unfortunately with him it's not like you even needed to be single for him to want another try. :-( gross!

  3. i know, i was very stupid for getting involved with him in the first place. live & learn!

  4. live & learn. that's for sure. we all have them! your's just found you on facebook! ;-)

  5. THREW!! ha ha ha what an idiot! lol


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