Thursday, January 1, 2009

about that party

B, Z & I went to B's co-worker's house for a new year's eve party. i had only met her the week before but kids were welcome, so that made it easy.

we showed up around 7, right around the same time as the only other couple i knew showed up with their kids. it was awkward that we didn't know anyone else there so we kept to ourselves for the most part, but then they decide to leave after about 2 hours.

the event of the evening was a big poker game. i didn't play, i yell out "whoohoo" when i get good cards & no one wants to play with me anymore....

shortly after the gaming starting the hostess left her own party. i told B, "hey, did you know E left?"
B - no, with who?
me - with that one guy
B - the only normal one?
me - what?
B - the only one that didn't look like he was from the hills have eyes

for our own safety, i decided it was time for Z & I to leave that party.

i was home just in time to catch the end of one of my absolute favorite twilight zone episode - to serve man.


  1. sign #34 it's time to leave the party

    the host/hostess leaves their own party to leave with the only other normal person at the party!

  2. yeah, when people are calling each other "redneck" & they aren't joking, kinda makes one feel just a tad outta place.

  3. and they are PROUD of it! lol


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