Saturday, January 24, 2009

took the plunge

i did it. after much debate, i decided i wanted to color my hair as close to my natural color as possible so you can't see the highlight line as it grows out. i took B to the store with me yesterday & had him help me pick one out; i'm in complete denial about my real hair color, so i needed him to keep me in check.

[part of the reason i decided to color was that in the previous post i forgot to mention when my stylist started working with my hair she found a grey hair. i realize i'm getting grey hair, i occasionally find a few framing my face & will yank them out. the other day when i was at work B came by for something & stopped talking mid-sentence to pull out "a pub-like" grey hair sticking straight up out of my head (how nice is that? instead of shaking hands i put that big wirey grey hair out - wanna shake it?). but yeah, she's brushing my hair & then she winds, several times, like a strand of spaghetti, a long thick grey hair.]

at the store i would pick out a color & he would say "no darker" - really? are you sure? although he can see the top of my head much better than i can, i would move down the aisle to a different brand & we'd repeat the process over & over. i'm surprised he didn't leave me there after a while.

i put it on this morning. it's weird. different. i like it more than i thought i would; that's not saying a lot though, i expected to REALLY dislike it.

UPDATE - 7:20pm i feel like i'm incognito with this hair.

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