Friday, January 30, 2009

getting to B in Okinawa

i'm having issues focusing, so i thought i'd simply continue the story from yesterday, here goes:

after being stuck in a foreign country with the group of strangers for 24 hours we learned we were all pretty much going to the same place. okinawa is a really small island & most americans don't have any business there unless they are going to a military base.

[in case you don't know your history (i didn't), after pearl harbor the agreement was to keep american military bases on the island to keep japan in check. ie, don't even think about pulling that shit again - so they don't like us there.]

ok, where was i? oh, yeah, so we go back to the airport, fly to the little island & land in the smallest airport on earth. really. i'm sure it is, but i'm not going to look it up. s.m.all (haha, remember that?)

thankfully i'm with this group of people & many of us are going to the same base, but, BUT!!!! we find out because of the the hurricane the base is on lock down. in case you don't get that - they aren't letting people OFF in to pick people up from the airport. WTF?

first stuck in seoul, now at the airport, is someone filming this?

a group of people decided to take the bus to base & i decided that was my best option & went with them. (honestly, how completely out of character is that for me?) the bus dropped us off right outside the gate, however the street was at the bottom of a hill & the gate was at the top. at the time i didn't know it, but that hill is called 'sobriety hill' because it's such a bitch it will sober you up, well we got to take it with luggage sans alcohol.

i don't remember what the heck we did in order for the guards to let us in, but i was sore afterwards (i'm joking!). the reason i don't remember that part is because it was just the beginning of another fricken obstacle in my adventure.

finally on base, now to figure out where the heck my man is, yeah, that was monumental. so close yet so FAR.
where is the camera? this has to be someone's sick game right?

i don't know how many people i talked to. i walked here & there, everywhere. barracks, rooms, spaces, parking lots, all over. part of the thing was B's room wasn't where it was supposed to be, so they couldn't find the right place.

it was awful.
& i was beyond tired.

they finally found his room, but he wasn't there. he had snuck off base to go to the airport to get me. i didn't know it at the time, all i knew was he was gone. they didn't want to let me in his room because it was a mess. then they had a change of heart, probably realized with all the crap i'd been through i really didn't care what state the room was in & they were right. i just crawled in bed & went to sleep.

2 posts & we haven't even seen each other yet. talk about drawn out!

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