Friday, January 2, 2009

movie news: prime

yeah, i know it came out a few years ago, but i caught it on tv the other day.

it was cute, worth it's time. if you don't know the plot, new divorcee gets involved with a much younger man who just so happens to be her psychoanalyst's son. at first the dr (meryl streep) is ok with it (before she knows it's her son) & tells her to have fun, but once she puts 2 & 2 together hearing the details of her son's sex life is difficult.

at one point Uma (thurman) tells her his penis is so cute she wants to knit it a hat....not sure i would want to be telling anyone that one much less his mother.

one of my favorite scenes is when he finally takes her to his apt, he's been putting it off because he has roommates. one night she gets him to take her over, it's late & dark, they walk through the kitchen & then the living room she stops & asks "who do you live with?"

because all the furniture is covered in plastic.
then in the background an old woman's voice calls out & he confesses his grandparents & she actually falls on the floor laughing.

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  1. I agree that movie is too cute! I caught it on cable recently myself!


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