Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Z the cooker

Z says "you're a good cooker" [instead of cook] so we're sticking with that phrase.

anywho, last night i picked him up & it's my usual thing to line out our evening while i drive home. in some ways i think this helps him in other ways i think i make it worse by doing that, but whatever, not the point of the story....
"Mon wasn't a school day, so this is our first chance at homework & it's a short week so we have to really try hard, then i'll make dinner while you get jammies on & clothes for school tomorrow."

when we got home we worked on a page of math & a page of writing, then i told him i needed to start on dinner so he headed off to do his things. he returned to the kitchen in his red superman jammies with the buttons off-kilter & asked to help with dinner so i asked him to pull a few things out of the refridgerator for me. then he wanted to help some more but the only thing left to do was to make the meatballs.

now i don't know about you, but touching raw hamburger meat, um, yeah, would not do that as a kid - gross! no problem eating it, but touching it - ew!
to this day i still remember a friend (MS) of mine mixing up meatloaf for her mother who was still at work. we were just kids, maybe in the 4th grade; i was completely disgusted by it although all that was there was hamburger meat, an egg & crackers. no big deal for suzy homemaker & i can do it now, but back then i was amazed by the fact that she could touch it...

oh, back to the Z i asked him if he wanted to help form the meatball & he did, so i sent him off to wash his hands. when he returned i handed him a handful of hamburger concoction & told him to roll it up in a ball. i thought for sure once he got it in his hands he would decide it was too icky & stop, but he didn't. he had a bit of trouble making an actual ball but he rolled up about 5 objects-that-are-somewhat-related-to-a-ball-things then he helped place them in the skillet.

i think dinner was extra special last night beings i had help from my little cooker!

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