Thursday, January 15, 2009

about that consult

when i went to the dr last week, i walked away with more questions than answers.

the first concern, the original testing hadn't screened for hpv so there was that possibility (evidently it's not routine as one would expect in this day & age, especially considering it can be dormant for years). he also said it might have something to do with my period or it might just be i had an infection (hence that little episode) or it could be something more. his prudent decision was to simply repeat the test.....& it came back normal!

so i asked if that meant i just had some sort of infection or what & he said he didn't know but i don't need to worry & just come back in a year!


then he noticed that i've put on one (1) pound since last week & he pointed it out. although i knew he was joking, i said "you try living with pms" & all the staff looked at me weird. hello, if you can't say that to an ob/gyn who can you say it to?

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