Sunday, January 18, 2009

instead of resolutions, you get confessions

#1 - i bought an outfit at walmart (curse mervyn's for going out of business, how dare they! not that i love mervyn's but when your options are mervyn's or walmart for clothing, which would you pick? yah, i thought so!)

#2 - i really & truly think walmart outfit is cute. translates to -> a) i've been living in bfe WAY to long, b) i've lost any sense of fashion & style i may (or may not) have previously had, c) i AM getting old...

#3 - our christmas tree is still's january 18th. but we put it up late & i didn't want to take it down right after christmas & last weekend we were at my mom's. i told Z on fri night we would take it down sat & he said "aw, already?". i ended up with a migraine in the afternoon, it's still there waiting to be put to rest. it looks good though, i'm certain once we start removing ornaments all the needles will fall off instantaneously & we'll have a charlie brown tree with bare branches.

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