Wednesday, January 7, 2009

where are we going?

shit if i know...
yesterday B starting doing research to see if he could find anything local to here or SD house for nursing school. that part was easy, add in 'do not want a waiting list' & the options drop to umm, let me add that up, subtract, carry over, equals a big fat -0- for anything remotely near either location.
yup, nada.

so we are branching out, we both started researching. there's a large list of schools all over california, but by the end of the day i told B i thought it would be better for him to just contact EVERY single school on the list to find out if any of them did not have a waiting list & we could go from there. the knit-picky, let's try this one or let's try that one down the list had lost it's luster. he has a few pre-req's that he has to complete before he can even apply anyways.

i was excited about this happening, about our freedom, but now the reality of it is all kicking in. i can live here another year, maybe 2, but really this place drags me down & i need to get to a city, or at least somewhere that has some moisture in the air.

if we move i'd have to get a new job which shouldn't be a big deal, i do office work, so i can work anywhere, but the job market isn't so swell these days.
then there's ghetto house, do we sell it? if we're lucky, we'll break even on the sell then have to pay all the associated fees out of pocket -> translates to not really lucky. do we rent it? if that's the case, how many improvements should we do beforehand for people that are more than likely going to trash it anyways?

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