Thursday, January 22, 2009

are you lost?

i picked up some drive thru del taco for lunch then headed home. i ate, grabbed my bottle of water & headed back to work. the drive was nice; it was raining & i watched the jets overhead as i returned to the office. i parked my car & when i reached over to my purse i saw the zipper was open & when i picked it up i noticed my wallet wasn't in there.

quick re-trace, i didn't get out of the car to get the food, so my wallet probably fell out of my purse when i threw it on the sofa at home. i went back & forth on whether i should go home or not & realized i would just be a mess if i didn't know where my wallet was.

so i drive back home. the speed limit. [it would be my luck to get pulled over without my license, right?]
as i drive i think about what's in there? who would i have to call? what a horrible fiasco if i can't find it. what if i have to call the police & make a report? tell them my small faux red patent leather wallet is gone. [no, i don't have matching boots, but i would like a pair of peep toe heels to go with the wallet.]

i only live a few miles from work, but driving the speed limit makes it oh so much further. i finally am nearing the house & the stupid light turns red, crap. then i'm just down the block & i see a car parked near my house with a woman sitting in there. my house is on a somewhat busy street with plenty of vehicle & pedestrian traffic.
i wonder if she's going through my wallet right now?
i creep around the corner looking at the walkway, nope no red in the yard or on the grass.
then i get a little closer & there it is - bright red patent leather wallet sitting in the middle of the driveway for the entire world to see & sending out signals
"someone come get me!"


  1. oh my...what good luck you are having today!!


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