Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i may have a stalker

one of my coworkers is starting to get a little too pushy about wanting to read my blog. he tries to sneak into my office so he can catch a glimpse of the address; it's getting weird.

he keeps on asking me what i write about & if i'm ok with posting it on the internet for the whole world to read what's wrong with him reading it?

well, um, maybe if he wasn't buggin' about it...
for the most part, only a few people i know read this blog. i write for me.
sometimes it ends up entertaining, but usually not.

this helps me keep track of what's going on, what's important to me & somewhere to write down that stupid story about whatever because one day i want to remember it & i have a really shitty memory.
most importantly, it stops my head from going in circles, repeating things over & over. if i can write it down, get it in order, it's like i've put it in an envelope & it's settled, i can move on.


  1. Stalker = so not cool... good luck in avoiding him and his creepy ways. Blogging can be such a release and a way to express yourself. None of my friends/family know I have a blog and I kind of like it that way... it's just mine, you know?

  2. yeah, definitely nice to have the outlet & not worry about hurting people's feelings.

  3. what a Creepy McCreeperston!!

    you should make dummy blog somewhere else and give him that address and then post things on the fake blog about stalkers, pushy people, how not to freak out your coworkers. ha ha ha that would teach him!

  4. yeah, he thinks i write about my sex life. hello, married, not all that interesting (even if it is, i wouldn't write about it).

    haha, yeah, i should make up something like i moonlight at the morgue & enjoy dissecting people! i can't imagine the way he would look at me after reading that!

  5. ha ha ha that's even better. write something totally freaky!!

    then he will think you are the creepy one! ha ha ha i double dog dare you!

  6. What if he totally turns your computer on when you aren't there and checks out your link/web history.
    What a weirdo.
    Peeps need to respect your privacy!

  7. mariah - that would be one MORE password & my head just might explode!

    ringleader - good point but luckily our computers are secure, they require a special access card & password. if he were to log on using his card, he can't see any of my stuff.


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