Friday, January 16, 2009

Z dental drama pt III

(hopefully the last installment)

yeah, it's out!
it was difficult though. Z wouldn't let the dentist give him the shot that would block the whole area, so the dr was forced to give him several local shots (all while i sat there squirming in my skin at each attempt & holding my breath hoping to just pass out & come to after it was finished).

i saw things i've never seen before, i've never seen all the tools & stuff, i don't know if it was a good thing for me to have witnessed this scenario.

the dentist got it though, he had to struggle a bit, but it finally came out. i don't know who was more relived that it was done. when we walked out to the front office even they told me they were holding their breath listening to it all.


yeah, i did shed a tear in the room as i held him after it was done.

beings he was loaded up with numbing stuff & it was a big tooth i decided the chocolate shake i had previously offered up needed to be delayed. so i told him when we got home he could have soup; he told me he wanted potato soup (last week when B had dental work done i made it for him, so i guess it's our cure all now).

he ate his soup then i put him in the tub & headed over to McD's for his shake. he was already finished when i got back & he loved his shake, except that it made him cold. i gave him some ibuprofen in case he got a headache or his mouth got sore once all the numbing stuff wore off, then we put his tooth in an envelope for the toothfairy & went to bed.

the toothfairy gave him $5 for that big sicky tooth.

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