Monday, February 16, 2009

games, games

beings we had the nice long weekend, on sun we went to town. hit all the fun places - target, trader joe's, thai for lunch, kohl's & costco. um, so it was a glorified grocery shopping trip...but we did buy a few games at target to entertain ourselves at home.

on sun evening Z & I played a round of blockus. beings i have no gaming experience what so ever, he & i are about even on the playing field. he's definitely got B's genes though, he went straight for the kill, but in the end my offensive tactics won.

the next morning the 3 of us played. Z was out early & of course B won. then Z cried. i understand his fustration all too well. it's hard to be so competitive & completely suck at the same time; at least he's young & plenty of time to learn with his peers. Z told me "Poppa plays to rough" - haha, he thinks i'm taking it easy on him, little does he know how remedial my game playing skills are.

in the afternoon we played bakugan cards (i wish i was joking, but it's true). Z didn't understand the winner got the least yeah, he lost that one too. however, it was f-ing excellent when i forced B's hand & made him get a point - HAHAHAHA!

i never said i wasn't competitive, i said i sucked...then i cry when i lose just like Z.

later the boys played a round of dominos, but i was done.
seriously, i've had my monthly quota of gaming.

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  1. I love games - they're the best! LOL


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