Sunday, February 22, 2009

x-men vs cops

when B watches tv, we watch cops (& i die a slow & painful death every single time).

yesterday he turned on the fantastic 4 movie while we had lunch. i've watched it probably 6 times (wow, i probably shouldn't admit to that, oh well). anyways, however many times i may have watched, i still managed to miss a few the first 1/2 hour that i watched.

then later in the afternoon, after i had Z read a few little books, we found some cartoons to watch -> x-men with wolverwine. as in hugh jackman...ahem. Z lost interest after a few episodes, but i didn't.

so what does that tell you?

2 things - 1) WAY too much testosterone in this house, 2) i'm ok with it if i have somthing nice to look at.


  1. i will admit here and now that i love cops.

  2. question for you - how many HOURS can you watch?

  3. oh they all start to run together and begin looking like one big episode. i have a low tolerance for commercials so i don't usually get a whole episode in. but i'm not above watching a marathon. lol

  4. did the comment go through? lol i'm so confused. :-)

  5. i start having seizures after the 3rd episode.

  6. ha ha ha seizures? that's pretty funny. for me it just reinforces the fact that i don't want to go to jail or do anything where the police have to run after me! lol


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